Spa Party Budapest!

“Up for a super fun night? What could be more fun than drinking beer, listening to dance music while floating around in thermal hot springs in Budapest? Your kind of night? Then check out the open air thermal Spa Parties at Szechenyi Baths  or Lukacs Baths; Budapest.”


Yes that is right! A nightclub in an outdoor thermal spa. Last year in November 2016, I went to the “SPArty” at Lukacs Thermal Spa in Budapest. I bought a VIP Duo ticket for 150 Euro. The ticket included VIP admission to the Spa Party for 2 people, a cabin/locker, 2 Spa Party towels and gift bags, 5 drink tickets and medical insurance.   There are less expensive tickets starting at €50 per person.


The Party starts at 10:30pm and ends at 3:00am.  The on-site bars  serve beer, wine and cocktails. Drinks are even allowed in the pools, although it was very cold running to the bar to get or wait for the drinks.  The drinks are all served in plastic cups so there is no risk of broken bottles in the spa.


Despite going in the winter it was quite warm in the spa as the the steam from the hot springs keeps you warm enough to stay in all night!  Spa Party season is almost year round monthly from February to December rain or shine, regardless of the weather.  Typically the NYE and summer month parties are at Szechenyi Baths and the winter parties are held at Lukacs Baths.


Lukacs Spa is one of the oldest spas in Hungary and utilizes the underground natural hot springs as its water source. It has 5 Thermal Pools ranging from 22°C – 40°C, but the outdoor pools are only open for the Spa Party.


Szechenyi Baths is a much larger complex that also has Spa Parties on most Saturdays in the summer.  I highly recommend visiting  Szechenyi Baths anytime. The amazing complex has 3 very large outdoor pools plus a wide range of indoor saunas, spas and services.

Whether you are up for a super fun night soaking up alcohol and mineral springs or looking to relax by day; I highly recommend visiting one or both of these amazing spas.



One thought on “Spa Party Budapest!

  1. Hi Claire, it really depends on how much you drink at a party, and what kind of tickets you buy for the Budapest spa party. Some tickets include drink coupons (which are worth 1 glass of cocktail or 2 beers). So if you buy a plain ticket (regular or fast track, but without any extras like drink coupons), and you are a moderate drinker, let s say drinking 1 or glasses of wine per hour, supposing you would stay between 10.30 pm and 3 am, all through the pool party duration, you would need about 16 Euros for drinking 2 glasses of wine (or 2 cans of beer) every hour. Perhaps it is easier to plan if you know some of the drink prices at the bath party: 1 glass of wine (200 ml) 2 Euros 1 can of beer (500 ml) 2 Euros 1 shot (l) of Tequila, Gin, Brandy, Vodka, Rum etc. 4 Euros 1 BOTTLE of Sparkling Wine 12 13 Euros Have a great party in Budapest, enjoy the nightlife and the thermal waters!

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