Top Five Most Memorable Moments In Rovinj

 Venice, with its old-world charm and lively St. Mark’s Square, was always my favorite place in the world until I visited Rovinj, Croatia. The winding narrow passages, the quaint shops, the delicious seafood and wine, all reminiscent of Venice but without the extravagant prices and throngs of tourists. After my visit, I discovered that the Republic of Venice once governed Rovinj, hence the similarities.

Istrian Charm

Croatia…a paradise where every city visited is better than the last! During a recent visit to Croatia, we traveled Northbound from Dubrovnik along the Adriatic sea, hitting a different port every few days. It was after a two week  journey  involving almost every type of transportation;  boat, train, car, scooter and bus, that we arrived in Rovinj, a small seaside city that sits on the Istrian Peninsula, along the Adriatic.  Some of the most amazing experiences of our entire trip we found in Rovinj.

Here are my top five favorite moments in Rovinj!

1. Sunset Cruise on the Adriatic Sea.

After a long day of driving we finally made it to Rovinj. We had just texted Boris our temporary “landlord’ to meet us at the apartment we rented. But on the way we had to stop and pullover by the harbor. The intense orange and crimson  sunset took over the evening sky; it’s warm glow hung low over the crisp blue sea. I wanted to take photos of every amazing moment. There is something magical about the sunset in Rovinj, something so amazing that compels you to want to witness every single minute of it.   Sunset cruises are available every night to check it out from every vantage point.


2. Shopping for Art!

I love shopping for paintings and artwork. There is no shortage of shops or street vendors carrying a variety of paintings ranging from mass-produced to more expensive unique paintings produced by local artists. Sunsets, boats, or buildings;  whatever you are looking for it is easy to lose hours perusing the stacks of paintings searching for that right one ( or two or three).


3. Sipping cocktails at a seaside lounge!


and Champagne at this sophisticated cliffside lounge…


4. Shopping at the local markets for everything from honey to…


to fresh produce…


        to truffles…


to towels! ( Don’t ask me how I fit a full set of beach towels from Croatia in my luggage)


5. Romance & Love; There is a saying that the most dangerous thing that will happen to you in Croatia is falling in love!


Rovinj; a mix of old world charm and European sophistication, has replaced Venice as my favorite place in the world!


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