Locks of Love in Amalfi

Italy is the most romantic place in the world!

It is a custom in Italy for lovers to write or carve their initials onto padlocks, lock them together and cast the keys into the water ensuring that their love will last forever…

As you enter the Amalfi Coast locks like these can be found along the rail overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.  Further down the road rising high up into the cliffs are the small but dramatic looking villages of Positano, RavelloPraiano, and Amalfi.

By far my favorite spot in the world is the coastal village of Amalfi. I love the view from the  Cathedral di Sant’Andrea; the church  that overlooks the main square  filled with cafes, shops, and people. Many Limoncello shops line the cobblestone streets where you can stop in for a shot or a bottle of this locally-made fresh lemon liquor.

In the evening its fun to walk on the path along the water and have a gelato!

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